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We Care Volunteers

Our Volunteers

We Care Volunteers is completely staffed by unpaid volunteers who cook and serve a home-cooked dinner and provide additional necessities for 100-250 homeless and low-income persons each night. 

Our volunteers are as varied as the guests they serve. They come from all walks of life, are of every age, and social status...but, we have one thing in common-- We Care!

When we started our group in 2010, we were a makeshift fellowship of people who saw a need and decided to actively do something about it. We didn't wait for someone to tell us how, or even weigh the consequences of beginning such an endeavor. We were lead by our hearts and a can-do attitude. We took it one-day-at-a-time...reminding ourselves that every little bit we did had a huge impact on those we served.

It was more than just food we were supplying, it was hospitality. We were inviting "guests" to dinner, not supplying a "hand-out". 

We are entering our fifth year now, and still our vision is unchanged.

We Care

We recognize many of our volunteers, and donors Past and Present, and all of our anonymous "Angels" who have worked silently to help our grass roots organization thrive. Not a single cent of your donation goes towards anyone’s salary. Meals are cooked in our private home kitchens, transported and served to our guests!

Thank you, each and everyone of you for your service and most of all your LOVE!