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We Care Volunteers

Volunteer and Partnership opportunities

 We are looking for people to come out and serve; you are always welcome no matter what night it is. If you want to you can bring out a side dish, or dessert. You don't need to prepare something yourself- ready made cookies, fresh fruit, breakfast bars, string cheese, and anything that can be carried away to be eaten later (non-perishable) is greatly appreciated. 

If you can't make it out to serve, consider donating! Your donation is tax deductible!

You can also help collect weather appropriate garments for those who do not have can organize food donations...we are always in need of non-perishable foods that we use often--(see our list below). We feed 150-300 meals a night, so we go through staples like pasta, and parboiled rice rather quickly. We also serve on disposable plates--so forks, styro-foam plates, and 6oz styro-foam cups are also welcome! 

We are currently working on collecting sleeping bags, tents and backpacks for those who are sleeping it rough, in and around Reno and Sparks.

Donate healthy snacks like:

Fresh fruit, string cheese, pretzels, chewy granola bars, raisins, trail mix.

Donate items we use the most like:

Parboiled rice Kidney and pinto beans (dried) Spaghetti Elbow noodles Cooking oil White vinegar Sugar Salt Canned veggies-Green beans, Corn and mixed vegetables Various spices-garlic powder, cumin, onion powder, Oregano Brown gravy mix Taco Seasoning Chicken boullion granules Vegetable boullion granules Coffee Coffee creamer Drink mix-Lemonade, Tang, Iced Tea

Donate your weather appropriate clothes like:

Winter: Coats Hoodies Sweat shirts Hats Gloves Warm socks Scarves Jeans Sweat pants Thermals Boots Sneakers Summer: Shorts Tank tops Short sleeved shirts Light weight socks Sandles Sneakers Sun dresses Year round: Back packs Duffel bags Tents Tarps

Donate any size toiletries such as:

Tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, deodorant, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouth wash

Donate your services, everyone has something to offer:

Veterinary services First aid Entertainment-Music, dance, art, Transportation, Cooking, Food, service, supplies, Car Maintenance, Hair cuts, Photography Video, Counseling, and Employment.