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We Care Volunteers

We believe no one should go hungry because they do not have the means to prepare meals for themselves.

We Care Volunteers envision communities where no one is hungry because they cannot provide a home cooked meal for themselves.

Our goal is to feed those who cannot feed themselves. 

We provide a loving example for our guests to see their community as a caring environment...addressing their needs first through providing a source for regular home cooked meals filled with LOVE, and secondly enabling them to learn to take better care of themselves through regular meals. 

  • We envision communities comprised of individuals who have access to the tools needed to prepare meals that are nutritious and abundant, that enrich their bodies and nourish their souls.
  • We envision communities that are resourceful, self-sustaining, and that work towards everyone’s highest good.
  • We envision communities built around cooperation rather than competition.

We Care in the news:

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

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